Mark and MeganOnce a month, Megan attends a science class that is just for her.  Because we had some wonderful snow this weekend, everyone came, bringing book work. They did not get much paperwork done during class though.  They passed out materials, helped with some play acting, and interacted with the younger children.  I know they enjoyed Megan’s class as much as she did!

After class, we played on the sledding hill.  Book work is important, but having time to be a kid and just play is needed too.


Back to School

SleddingToday, for the first time in a long time, everyone was home to work on school assignments together. While Mark was gone, school was different.  It seemed quieter and he was not around to help answer the younger ones questions.  Today’s noise and controlled chaos felt so good!

After a morning of hard work, we went to the park for Adrian’s science class. We left early so we could see if an inch (or two) of snow was enough for sledding. It was! We played outside until class started, and then the kids enjoyed playing a few more minutes after class.

It is so good to be all together again!

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