Sledding Survey

Just for fun, I started playing around with this picture.  I am not sure which one is the most appealing, so I was wondering what other thoughts were.  You can see larger pictures in a slide show by clicking on any of the pictures.

Then, would you  please comment on your favorite picture and why?

Thanks a lot!

Kids sledding

Audrey and MeganSledding with MarkGirls GigglingGirls laughing IRThe kids and I met some friends at the park yesterday to go sledding together.  We met at the perfect time!

I usually do not let the kids sled if the hills are too crowded, I have heard of too many accidents.  But, while it was a lot more crowded then when we normally go, it was not over crowded. The people on our hill were very considerate of each other, which makes sledding  a lot more fun.

I was not comfortable with the kids taking Megan sledding, though she really wanted to go.  After watching the crowd and seeing other little ones Megan’s age enjoy going down hill, I let the girls take her down.  She smiled and screamed the whole way down.

I enjoyed being able to practicing taking action shots.  I am a lot happier with these sledding pictures than the ones that I normally get.  AdrianI discovered a few mistakes, and am looking forward to taking the kids again and seeing how the next batch of pictures turn out.

(If you want to see the larger picture, just click on a picture.)

Joy in Little Things

Take off It snowed about two inches last night.  We have been waiting for it, so everyone was ready to go outside and play.

Adrian really wanted to go sledding, so he built a snow hill on our patio steps. He packed snow up the first four steps and then had fun sliding down them.  His joy over his personal sledding hill was very evident.  He played on his hill until he got cold and came in for some hot chocolate.


Sledding excitement

Homeschooling fun….

I learned two important lessons today at school.  First off, I learned never to call a friend to see how they are during history.  When I returned, I discovered that the kids had tied Adrian up.  When I asked why, Mark said it was because I let him read the Houdini biography a few weeks ago.  They wanted to see how long it would take for Adrian to escape. My second lesson…be very careful about what books I let the kids read!

Mark said to be sure to let you that I highly do not recommend Escape!: The Story of The Great Houdini by Sid Fleischman 🙂

And, in case you are wondering, each of the kids got tied up so they could practice escaping too!  I guess we had an “unschooling” morning!