Sibling Rivalry

On Saturday, we had a soccer game. The opposing team only had three girls when it was time to start the game. Since I had 6 girls, I asked the other coach if she wanted to borrow someone.  Andrea and Audrey both volunteered right away.

After telling Audrey that she defected from our team, the girls loved being able to play against each other.  It was neat to see how they interacted differently.  They were still very protective of each other. When they crashed during the game, they made sure each was okay before getting up.  But their competitiveness showed up strong.  Both wanted that ball!

Audrey playing for the other team caused a few laughs too. I would call out to the girls, “Remember what Coach McGuire (Allan) taught you”, and Audrey would move to the perfect blocking position.  Once I told her to “forget everything Daddy taught the team”.

While I am glad that they had the chance to compete against each other, I am really glad that the girls get to play on the same team.  This year, they are learning each others abilities better.  Andrea is better at making goals, while Audrey is better at defending.  Most importantly, they both have fun while playing their best.


Cheese Thief

After getting dinner mostly ready, I left to get some other things done.  I came back to discover Megan had climbed up to the table and helped herself to most of the cheese I had ready for dinner.

Jumping Rope

The kids have really started to like jump roping. They keep going outside to jump rope together. It is fun watching them improve.

Adrian wanted to learn.  Here is his story.

We started jump roping. Almost everyday we go outside to jump rope. I started to learn this week. Yesterday I kept on going over the rope. I jumped a long long time. I need more practice.

I am doing very good today.  I jumped through Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear. Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair.  Fuzzy Wuzzy…then I jumped on the rope.

I am going to learn how to run and jump into the rope soon maybe. It is hard. I like jump roping.