As Andrea says, “There is trouble right here in Travis City”!  I love her misquote of the Music Man :)  But as you can see, there is trouble and it starts with M!

Yesterday, Megan could not go up the ladder by herself.  Look what a good night’s sleep did for her!

Visiting Friends

We decided to go visit the Sellers this weekend, at the “last minute.” It was the perfect weekend to go if you like playing outside. We were outside a lot!  The kids worked on a snow fort in the morning. Adrian made snow angels holding hands all around the house! Then we went tubing after lunch.

Before bed, the older kids went outside and played hard.  Allan said they played “Freeze tag”. Andrea said it was a hide and seek tag game. They also played Fighting. It was fun listening to them running around the house yelling and enjoying each other.

This morning we enjoyed worshipping with them. We spent a lazy afternoon just enjoying our family’s friendship.


By Request

The other day Daddy surprised us by bringing over some Paczkis to share.  I failed in taking pictures of my messy daughter.  My mother was disappointed that I forgot.

So, because of her request, here are some pictures of Megan enjoying her Paczki.  Her favorite is the red filled ones with powdered sugar.



And, just as an added bonus, because Megan was neater eating this Paczki than the one she shared with Grandpa, a picture of her enjoying peanut butter.