Today’s Smile–Six Months Old

And you think you have problems. I have to live with him! 🙂 But I still love Daddy LOTS!

Megan is six months old now! Last night for dinner, Allan dipped his finger in the vinegar and gave it to Megan. Her reaction was wonderful!

At six months, Megan can sit up for a short while. She “talks” a lot. She is heading to bed earlier (no more night owl, Hooray!) but still not until after 10:00. She is trying to roll over, but has not figured out what to do with her arm. Megan also loves to play with siblings, especially during school when they need to finish some work.

Happy half birthday (a day late), Sweetheart!


Birthday Boy

Today is Adrian’s 5th birthday.  We keep teasing that he turned three 🙂

He has had a wonderful day! Daddy treated him to breakfast.  Megan and I took him to get a giant size shake at the restaurant that he has been asking to go to, he found 5 cents–“just like how old I am”–a complete stranger wanted to make his day extra special and gave him $2.00 and some Skittles, and when we went to pay for the shakes he was given a free birthday shake. He had LOTS of ice cream today, and wants more with his cake!

I am so thankful for Adrian. He is very helpful with Megan. He loves to make me smile. He loves to read and does a good job. He loves “dates” and one on one time. He enjoys talking and asking lots of questions. He also enjoys just sitting next to me and being quiet. He likes to help cook.  He is excited to be able to play soccer for the first time this year. He is a wonderful joy!

Happy “third” birthday Adrian! I am so glad that you are my son!


Megan is growing quickly! She is able to hold her head up better. She loves to follow and watch people. It is so much fun watching her eyes tracking whatever she is looking at.

Her hair is starting to thin out. I should say, fall out! It is very strange to find pieces of black hair wherever she has been.

Megan had her first major cold. She had a 101 fever this weekend and was very congested. We are very thankful that God healed her quickly. Babies and fevers are not a good mix. While she is still not feeling her best, she is almost better. We love seeing her smiles again.

Because of her cold, her voice sounds funny. Mark thinks she sounds like a penguin (Gorp! Gorp!) and has her dressed in white and navy, like a penguin.