Princesses Picking Petals

Today is Audrey’s Birthday Eve.  She and Andrea dressed up as beautiful princesses and then picked some flowers for the dinner table.

I loved watching the cars go by as they chose their flowers. Most of the men just drove by. The women would watch the girls for a little bit with huge grins on their faces.

I pray that all my princesses grow up knowing how special and beautiful they are. I pray that they will learn to know their heavenly father in a deep way that shines through everything they do. And I pray that their lives will draw many to our Awesome Father God.


Sweet Trouble!

My guest writer today is Adrian. He tells this story much better than I can.

Today, when the boys were cleaning their room, Momma called for us. Megan got in trouble! She was trying to eat the top of her crib. She got in trouble again. She was holding on to the top of her crib. She kneeled on her knees. She got into trouble again. She was standing in her bed! Mark and me laughed. Then she was kneeling on her knees laughing! My little Megan is growing up!

Momma says that Megan is growing up to fast! I like that she is growing up so I can play with her more. I love Megan!

First Soccer Game

Our first soccer day was Saturday.  All of the kids did very well.  My first/second grade team got creamed! We even stopped taking score it was so bad :)  Good thing we are out to have fun, not win games!

The kindergarteners did well.  I learned that I can be on the field with them, so Andrea sat on the bench with the rest of the team. Adrian only fell a few times, but was able to keep up with the other kids. He was a great encourager to his friend who had game jitters and got “sick” and could not play.  Adrian is praying for Matthew this week so that Matthew can play again soon.

Since I am coach, and do not have an assistant, I asked Nathan to take pictures for me.  He did a great job getting candid shots of the kids for me.  Thank you Nathan!



April Showers bring Muddy Kids

We have had a lot of rain in the last few days. Today, when the rain stopped, everyone ran outside to play.  I went outside with Megan to discover the two older ones having a mud fight. They were laughing and having a blast. So, I went to look for Adrian. I discovered him in the side yard enjoying the puddles. As I came to the back of the house, Andrea fell in the mud 🙂 and the war continued.

Brotherly Love

The other day, Mark and Andrea went outside. I loved catching them reading! Mark was reading a “girly” library book to Andrea.

Another day, during quiet time, Adrian was not resting. So Mark had Adrian snuggle with him to help him stay quiet and rest.

First Easter

Megan enjoyed her first Easter. Just watching her, you knew she knew that she looked pretty :)  Many people at church enjoyed her hat and she had a lot of people compliment her.

We bought the shirt. Since we already had the white hat, I made the bow to match. The dress and bloomers were made by everyone. The girls learned how to sew on buttons and how to gather. They watched how to sew in the zipper, tear it out, and try it again. They also learned how to sew in the bias tape. I would say the girls (with some of Mark’s help) did 50% or more of Megan’s outfit.

It turned out wonderfully! I am really proud of all the hard work the girls did learning how to sew an outfit. I found the easiest patterns that I could, so they could do all the work. They have some butterfly material, now to find another pattern for them to work on!

Upward Soccer

Soccer Players with their favorite Cheerleader.

Upward Soccer practice started yesterday. I haver four kids in soccer this year. I am also coaching two of the teams! I coach the younger two and Allan has the older teams. Megan is cheerleader and associate coach for everyone. 🙂

We thought Adrian needed to be in kindergarten to play, but when he heard that he was old enough, he got so excited about it. We thought, “why not?” His first practice was tough. The shin guards felt funny and running in soccer cleats was hard. He spend a lot of practice falling down. He is going to practice running with Mark in his new shoes and shin guards so next week is better. Adrian was very excited about his uniform and could not wait to try it on.

I know very little about soccer, so my job is to learn! Mark and Andrea love the idea of teaching Momma something. They are my helpers during practice to make sure that I do it right. My teams may not learn a lot about soccer, but I will do my best to make sure that we have fun!

Megan and the Hat

Megan has not been feeling well the last few days. Sunday, the sun was out, it was warm and we went outside. Megan wore a hat to keep the wind out of her ears. You can tell by her eyes that she is not feeling the best, but being outside cheered Megan up and she enjoyed herself very much!