Butterfly House

On part one, we see the animals.  But this is part two 🙂

We saw lots of different kinds of butterflies. They were mostly from Asia and Africa.  Daddy said he recognized some from when he was growing up. There was a blue one, and that one was my favorite.  It was Momma’s favorite too.

There were some Monarchs.  There were some that looked like Monarchs, but were white and black. There were also three little Button Quail.  One was white and the other two brown. We saw  some chrysalises. They were all different.

Tell Me If You Go There Please

Friday Mommy Camp

Today, Daddy took us to the zoo! First we saw lots and lots of little critters, and a HUGE snake. Then we saw the tigers. We walked a little more and saw lots and lots and lots of fish blobbing in the water.  We saw lots of different animals. After lunch we saw some otters. Before we saw them napping.  I loved the otters.  A few minutes before the talk about otters, we saw some bobcats.  One was named Bob the Cat!

Later we saw some butterflies, but I will tell you that on part two.

Megan was very tired and she took a nap when we were coming home.  I fell asleep when  we got home. I hope we can go again soon.

If you click on the picture, you can see it bigger.

Today’s Smile–Robin Fledgling

This morning the kids were helping Daddy outside.  They came running in the house yelling “we just watched the baby bird fly for the first time!”

Of course, I had to go outside and see it too.  We watched the baby hop down the driveway until his Momma came and moved him to the safety of the grass.  After awhile, the fledgling followed his Momma to a nearby tree.  He was unable to land as gracefully as his role model and slid down the branch.  Just before getting to the end of the branch, he remembered that he could fly and flew to another branch.