New Tradition

We have enjoyed making ginger bread houses before, but this is the first time in a long time we created them from scratch. We split up in teams; Andrea and Megan made one house, Audrey and Adrian worked together on another and Allan and I designed one.  Andrea baked the gingerbread last night and each team “glued” them together to sit overnight.  This morning we spent a few hours decorating our houses.  

We had so much fun, that we decided to make this a yearly tradition.  Except next year we plan to draw names for teams.  All of the houses turned out wonderfully and we will enjoy them a few days before “maybe” eating them.

Which of these houses is your favorite?

Needed Break

Mark and Katie were able to come over this weekend. Mark and Audrey both had homework, so I am glad we decided to spend one day playing and hung around the house the other days.

The dunes were very popular this weekend, but we were thankful to find a quiet corner to ourselves. We played in the strong waves at first, but then moved to a less rocky section of beach with quieter (but still strong ) waves.

After spending all day there, we came home sun burnt, tired and extremely rested.