Florida Welcome Center

Allan asked what we wanted to do for vacation and we could not come up with ideas. Wanting warmth and the chance to visit someplace new, Allan decided we should go to the Everglades. Just for fun, Allan planned it all as a secret. I found out where we were going, but still kept it a secret from the kids. They figured it out before we left though.

The trip down was good and we got into Florida early on Monday morning. Then we hit Florida Traffic. It took us all day to get to the Everglades only stopping a few times after the welcome center.

It was light when we arrived, but by time the tents were set up, it was dark. So we learned about Florida mosquitoes.


Yesterday we took a walk and was amazed by all the neat ice patterns we were finding. My favorites were the ones that looked like mazes with marbles.

Megan tried breaking the ice to see if we could figure out what was causing the unique patterns. Most of the ice was still to thick for her to break, but we did discover some neat patterns under some.

Cold Day, Boiling Water

I am not sure what the temperature was this morning, but it was cold! I know that is is -8 right now with a wind chill of -17, but this morning was even colder.

Yesterday, we were supposed to beat the cold weather recorded for the city, but I forgot to check. I know with the wind chill it was supposed to get to -51, but I do not know the actual temperature for the day.