When asked what we wanted to do on vacation, Megan quickly responded “go canoeing”. So Allan made sure that was one of our activities.

We had decided on a trip we wanted, but was told that the path was still messed up from the last hurricane that went through. So we decided to paddle the canal to Coot Bay and explore the bay.

The canal was pretty and mostly calm. We saw birds and a few crocodiles. A few sightseeing boats went by and some kayaks.

As we got closer to Coot Bay, the wind got stronger and it was harder to paddle. Except for Megan, everyone has paddled before, but no one has really paddled in strong wind. Instead of exploring the Bay, we decided to head back and enjoy lunch on a dock we had seen nearby.

After a relaxing lunch of gorp, we headed back. We took our time and enjoyed the scenery.