Kissing Contest

A & J


Instead of doing a huge group photograph during the reunion, we decided it would be nice to do a picture with Grandma and her children.  We took family pictures of the “original seven” with their children and grandchildren. Then we narrowed it down to each individual family.

It was raining and not the best time to take family photos.  So about half way through, we started the “kissing contest”.  It made pictures a lot more fun and we captured some great memories.

P.S. For those concerned, all children were coached in the “proper response” to their parents affection for these pictures.


We enjoyed being in Colorado for two weeks.  Part of the time was at a family reunion, celebrating Grandma Green’s 90th birthday.  I do not have all the pictures done, but have a few ready to share finally!

“Mommy Camp” Day Five and Six

We got to play for the last days of Mommy camp, but we also worked on getting ready for the kids to come home. Here is Megan’s version of her last few days.

I slept in a long time! I ate breakfast and then we played in the pool.

We worked on cleaning the house.  Then we ate lunch. Momma made us a special blueberry Sunday for snack.

Then I learned how to make pickles!  They are easy. All you have to do if boil a brine and then put cucumbers in a jar with dill and garlic.  Then you add the brine! Then you put the lid on.  We made five jars.

We had curly fries for dinner.

Then we got some glow sticks and made bunny ears with them. We catched lightening bugs. Then we slept out in the tent.We talked to Daddy on the phone. Momma read me a book before I fell asleep.  It started storming. I slept most of the storm.  Then we went into Momma’s room and slept.

I slept very long until Momma woke me up on Saturday. We did some shopping and got blueberries. Then we played Clue and played outside. Then the kids came home!  Hooray!  I made them grilled cheese sandwiches because they were hungry from their drive home from camp.