Destination: Wedding

A year ago, I started a 1000 portrait challenge.  I asked a new friend if I could take her picture.  When she received the picture, she commented that it was the first picture in a long time that she liked of herself.

A few months later she wrote me, saying her daughter was getting married and would I do the wedding photographs.  Last month, Allan (my very handsome assistant) and I went to Fruita, Colorado to  take photos of Leigh and Cody’s May 4th wedding.

The small wedding was at Colorado National Monument which is beautiful!  The couple enjoy Star Wars, so we also threw in some Star Wars type pictures for fun.

Living Last Supper

This weekend, Allan and Adrian were in a play at church.  It is called the Living Last Supper. It tells the stories of each of the men using the painting by Leonardo da Vinci.  

Each disciple came from a different background and interacted with Jesus in different ways.  It also shared the crucifixion and what happened to each disciple after Christ’s resurrection.