Driving Through Iowa

Windmills in Iowa We were able to take just over  a week off for a mini vacation and family reunion in Colorado. We had a lot of fun!  We left after work on Friday night and drove until very late, so we could enjoy a slower pace on Saturday.

We did not stop much until we saw the wind turbines in Iowa.  Megan’s eyes got huge and she called them flowers.

While in Iowa we stopped at the “World’s Largest Truck stop”.  If it had been earlier, I would have taken a picture of all the trucks lined up.  It was a good touristy place to stop, but nothing special except for some really neat old trucks on display.

We visited a pony express cabin and reviewed some of the things we learned in history. The sod house museum nearby had just closed, so we unfortunately missed that.

The kids traveled very well. We enjoyed reading books and listening to stories on tape. The first full day flew by.Cows and Wind Turbins



Broken Bubble

Playing catchThe weather was perfect for blowing bubbles last night and this morning!  If you blow bubbles in freezing weather, they will freeze.  The closer the temperature is to zero, the better the ice bubbles are.

You can watch frost form on the solution on the bubble wand. Gently blow on the wand to warm the solution before blowing a bubble.  If a breeze catches the bubble just right, the ice bubble will float becoming more opaque just before it shatters.

Camp Patmos Sunset

For the last week we have been at helping some  friends at camp. The first weekend Mark was a camper.  Allan helped in the scenario based activities. The girls and Adrian got to help in different places too.  Megan and I offered to take pictures for the weekend.  Camp was  a lot of fun!  I will tell more about it later though.

We are on a small island on Lake Erie.  The sunsets have been beautiful, but last night’s sunset was spectacular!


Potato Creek

The weather has been so beautiful this week! We decided to take a picnic lunch to Potato Creek and spend the day there after church.  It was so much fun being outside, exploring new trails and being with each other. God has blessed me with a wonderful family!