Vacation-Botanical Gardens

We needed an easy day. So we went to the Lexington Farmer’s Market. We bought some delicious peaches and some flavored honey.

Then we headed to Kentucky University’s Botanical Gardens. They were very pretty and the children had lots of time just playing!

We ate lunch in the hotel, took a nap, and then went swimming. Adrian learned how to “Monkey crawl” –crawl around the edge of the pool–and how to dunk under water. It was a lot easier watching him when he was afraid of the water!


One of the nice thing about home schooling is the ability to do fun things with friends. After one of the kids classes, some friends met us at the park–during school hours– for gym class. We spent a few hours enjoying the fresh snow and sledding with friends.

Over the weekend when we went to check out the sledding possibilities, the slopes were very crowded, but today was just us on the hill.


nameAdrian loves to do school work with the kids.  Today I asked him to write his name.  He wrote his “d” as a “b” (I showed him the right way) and then wrote the rest. If he forgot which letter came next, I told him and he wrote it.  Pretty impressive to me.