Bluebird Photo Shot

I promised my children that we could go and look for Bluebird eggs.  They were shown some the other day, and wanted me to see them also.  They were hoping to find some eggs and some baby birds.  We found some eggs but most of the boxes were empty.

However, we had fun watching the birds “play” in empty birdhouses.  We were not “attacked” by them this time either, but a couple of Tree Swallows put on a wonderful show for us trying to get us to leave.

I read that Eastern Bluebirds incubate their eggs for about 12 days. The babies stay in the nest for about two weeks. So, if we have the chance to return in the next few weeks, we may see some newly hatched birds. That would be exciting!

These pictures are of Tree Swallows. They like to live near Bluebirds and often use Bluebird nests for their nests. They live well near each other.