Two Uses for a Tarp

There are lots of leaves still on the ground. We plan on working on then for the next few days, hoping to get them finished before it rains.

Yesterday, Mark and Andrea came up with a fun way to transport leaves. They tied a tarp to their bicycles and pulled it to the woods. There they untied the tarp and dumped the leaves. Mark enjoyed being able to ride in the woods with his bike. (They learned quickly to plan their ride and peddle at the same speed!)

When they were finished with the leaves, they made a kite with the tent. It was fun to fly!

I asked Mark what they were planning to do with their kite.  He said, “we were wanting to tie it Megan’s stroller. Well, to make it pull Megan’s stroller.”

I asked, “What does Momma think of that idea?”  Mark said, “No, probably not! But we would have had someone running alongside it, to catch it if it started to fall.”

Momma still said “No!” But I loved their ideas 🙂

2 thoughts on “Two Uses for a Tarp”

  1. I understood Mark to mean to pull Megan’s stroller with her in it. She spent the afternoon watching us play while she was bundled up in her stroller. Have to remember to ask Mark about that!

  2. Ha ha! What fun. At least they haven’t decided that one of them could ride in the stroller to try it out!

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