Answers to A Game

If you were wondering what we did to our kitchen on Sunday night, we were cooking down sap to make maple sugar! 🙂

According to the recipe, after cooking the sap down to 290 degrees Fahrenheit, we were to take it off the heat and stir it quickly for five minutes. Then we were to transfer it to another bowl and stir until the moisture was gone. It did not work out that easily.

It took over three hours to get it to the right temperature. Allan turned off the heat and started stirring. I said that I would watch the time. Then, it got exciting! The mixture started growing until it took over the pan and tried to claim the stove! Allan moved the pot on top of another pot, but it did not stop growing! When he took the spoon out to start stirring it again, it immediately “deflated”!

So the answers for giving a caption to the pictures would be ….

  • C) Homeschool science can be a blast.We are making syrup and sugar while we learn a little bit of science and a little bit of history.
  • D) A messy house is a happy house. We had a lot of fun making this mess.
  • F.) As Mark says, “Sometimes cleaning up is just cleaning, but other times cleaning up is soooo SWEET!”. As we cleaned up, we ate big chunks of maple candy, drank maple flavored tea, and scraped sugar out of pans.
  • G) A relaxing (and very fun) way to spend Sunday evening. We spent lots of time talking, laughing at the unexpected and just enjoying working together.