Distracted By Birds

Today, Adrian had a Nature Nuts class.  I took the older kids along too.  I thought they would want to play outside while Adrian had class.  I should not have been surprised when they wanted to listen to the story and see what Miss Krista had to teach.

We learned about nests and eggs.  After seeing some different bird eggs in a box, Miss Krista took us for a walk to see Bluebird eggs.

I am so glad that you are never to old to learn! I know what Swallows look like.  But for some reason, I thought Tree Swallows were Bluebirds! I never could figure out why they could look so different in the winter.  Feel pretty silly at this little “a ha! Dummy me” moment 🙂 But, in my defense, I do not remember ever seeing Bluebirds near their nests.

So, here are pictures of real Bluebirds and their eggs on the left.  On the right are Tree Swallows, who often use Bluebird boxes for their nests too.