Adrian really enjoyed the (extremely wet) water tree house for the younger children. It had toys to shoot water, buckets that dumped water and slides.

He learned how to go really fast on the slides and would race whoever he could persuade to go with him.  He gave me some pointers, wiggling his little body to show me how to do it.  His lessons improved my speed, and I even beat him once or twice (out of about “50” attempts.)

He impressed the life guards that he talked to.  One of the girls, after watching him give lessons, told me that he was “a keeper”.

Adrian was just big enough to ride some of the “big kid” rides. We asked him on Thursday if he wanted to ride some of the milder ones. He was willing to do the Cheetah race and loved it.  When asked about some other rides, he said no, maybe after lunch.  After his nap, he still refused to try them.

Before leaving he started talking about riding the Victoria Falls. He really wanted to do it.  So Allan took him down twice.  He loved it!

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  1. I didn’t get to do the Cheetah race with him!! 🙁 Have to go back I guess. 🙂

    Thanks, Had lots of fun!

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