Allan’s board

Allan tried not to work much  this last week.  He was able to play with the kids and take them on the “big kid” rides.

He decided to do the boogie board and it was exciting watching him.  There were a few guys sitting around watching.  I knew he was doing very well, but it was nice hearing other people complement him too.

Most people “wipe out” on their first few rides. Allan was able to stay on for over a minute (time limit) plus do a few tricks that many people struggle with.

His favorite ride though was one that many people skipped.  One day there was no one in line and he would do the ride and then hurry up the steps to do it again.  He would lay on his back and then spiral around a bowl until he dropped down a hole in the middle into a pool of water. I loved watching him having fun while showing off for me!