Exciting Find

The other day we went to the park to play with some friends. The kids were playing hide and seek with a green container (great camouflage) and a bright yellow softball.  It was fun watching them enjoy the game!

I found a neat surprise while we were out.  I discovered two mantis egg cases (called an ootheca)!  I had never seen one until the kids were given one last winter to take care of.  So for me to find two in one day is exciting. I know where they are at the park, so will have fun watching them occasionally.

Now the challenge is to find one in our own yard!


2 thoughts on “Exciting Find”

  1. So you know when Evie finds one, taking care of it is EASY. Put it in a jar with a lid. Make sure it seals 🙂 Then wait. And wait. And wait. And maybe wait a little more. One day, you will find thousands (well, maybe hundreds) of little bugs in the jar. You can then take the jar outside and release your new army of mosquito hunters 🙂

  2. Fun! As a kid, my sister and I found a praying mantis and brought it inside. We kept it and fed it. One day we looked in on her and saw an egg sac! It was in the fall, so we ended up taking the praying mantis and the egg sac outside. Had we known how to care for it, we would have kept it inside. It was such a neat experience though!

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