Mommy Camp Wednesday

For Mommy Camp today, Momma cut my hair. Then we got a bath because of all the hair!

After awhile, it began to rain a little. We got to play out in it a little bit. We have not had rain for a long long time, so it was fun playing in it.

We made cookies. They were chocolate chip,  M&M cookies. When it (the dough) was almost all finished I put on one or three M&M’s on them to make them look pretty. We took them to church for dinner.

When the cookies were baked, we let them cool, we took a nap so we could stay up late. Then we watched a movie (cartoon).  Around the second one we ate one (a cookie). They were good!

We had a church meeting. First we had a church dinner. Mommy called it a potluck. We took macaroni and cheese and cookies. Then we had a prayer meeting. I liked it.

We came home and took a walk for a little bit. I rode my tricycle.  When Megan fell down we turned around and came home. Then we catched a lightening bug, almost catched two, but could not catch any more. Then we read Bible stories OUTSIDE! Before bed, Momma read part of a book to me. Then I fell asleep 🙂

One thought on “Mommy Camp Wednesday”

  1. Wow!! What a GRRRREAT day!!! Mine wasn’t nearly as exciting but it was good. I watched Reece dive and splash in the pool, then we had a dunking contest. I think I won-but it was close. We went to chapel and sang some of my favorite worship songs with motions–like “Oh Happy Day”. I watched the sun set and make pink clouds….I’m thinking what might have topped off my day was a cookie with m&m’s pressed in the top.
    Love you-and give your mom and Megan a hug from Auntie Kristi:)

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