Dare You!

I should have learned by now, but never, ever dare your children! Yesterday we were talking to our friend, Miss Krista, about hunting for salamanders.  She said that right now is the perfect time to go looking for them. Miss Krista told us a little about how to find them and then mentioned that there were some salamanders at the gate house.

Adrian’s eyes lit up and he really wanted to go see them and maybe hold them. So, Miss Krista arranged for a mini field trip for us. We got to meet a few salamanders and a hissing cockroach.

Then the kids dared me to hold them all. The cockroach really did not bother me much.The salamanders were cold and funny feeling but, they were not to bad. I would rather hold a salamander than a snake!

Don’t tell the kids, but salamanders are sort of cute too 🙂

Now we hope to go out some evening and hunt for some salamanders. The Tiger Salamander and the Blue Spotted Salamander are both native to the area, so we might be able to find some.



2 thoughts on “Dare You!”

  1. The cockroaches are pets, so they were released back to their home 🙂

  2. Salamanders, ok maybe, but cockroach! Absolutely not!!! Especially not one big enough to make noise. I have shivers looking at your photo! LoL … Please tell me you did not catch and release! If so, you are a better person than I *wink*.

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