IMG_4113When Daddy was in high school, he played the french horn and the trumpet.  Growing up, I remember Daddy playing the trumpet some evenings, but it was not until a few years ago, that Daddy took up the french horn again.

Yesterday we went to listen to him play in a Christmas concert.  We have gone for the last few years, and it is a nice relaxing way to start December.  Last night we were surprised to discover that Santa Claus came to enjoy the concert too!  Megan was not sure what she thought of him, but Audrey and Adrian talked with him for a few minutes after the concert.  They both are requesting lots of packing snow for Christmas!

Taking a break to enjoy a concert
Part of Daddy’s band

One thought on “Concert”

  1. Ho-Ho-Ho. Did good for the darkness of the place, enjoyed the concert myself. Mainly I played Trumpet while in school, only played French Horn for 1 semester because the horn section was very small. Used a single horn then, fingerings were same as the Trumpet. Now I have a double horn and fingerings have changed because of the second side, much harder because the range of sound is so much more than the Trumpet. I’m enjoying, most of the time, learning on the double.

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