In July, my friend asked if I would help her with some photos for a cookbook she was writing. Megan and Adrian came along as taste testers.

I learned a lot about photographing food! We took pictures outside and moved them around to keep them out of direct sun. Jen and I had a lot of fun getting the pictures to look right before the children swarmed in to critique the samples.

Yesterday, Jen gave me a finished copy of her book. The Gluten-Free Casein-Free Soy-Free Cookbook. It looks very nice and it is exciting to see pictures that I took on a published book cover! As Megan looked at the book, she stated she wanted ice cream. I said that we had some at home. She informed me she did not want that ice cream, she wanted the ice cream from the cover. She had tried in it July and thought it was wonderful. She was supposed to share, but she ended up eating most of it. Adrian was partial to the strawberry pie.

Even though I have not personally made many of the recipes, we have enjoyed several at Jen’s house when we visit. Everything we have tried is very good!

P.S. If you are interested in this book, Amazon claims it it out of stock right now, but you can preview it. You can find it here, but you can’t look inside.

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