Archery Class

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Archery camp went very well this year.  The children learned how to shoot a bow and arrow properly and all would love to take more classes and set up an archery range in the back yard.  It was fun watching them improve over the week.

Adrian struggled at first.  He was the youngest in class, and the bows were not right for him.  His instructor brought in the bows and arrows he had made when his children where younger for Adrian to use.  Adrian improved immensely with them.  He also loved that he had special wooden arrows that were shorter and no one else could use them.

The last day of camp was just for fun and games. The children got to shoot at targets, pop balloons, shoot arrows into the air trying to “storm a castle” and other fun activities.  The class was over way to quickly.

Their instructor was excellent.  On the last two days he brought a very small bow and arrow set.  He had noticed Megan watching the kids and realized that she wanted to try too.  So, after asking me, he asked Megan if she wanted to try.  He helped her very little, and she was still able to hit the target most of the time.

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