Color Run

Allan has been wanting to start running again and Audrey and Mark were interested in running with him. Many mornings, he gets them up before work and they go running.  I get up too, but I don’t run much.

They have been talking about racing, but have not been sure how to start. We learned about a 5K fund raiser that we decided to try.  We knew that it would have similarities to a race, but not have the pressure of having to run fast. We registered Mark and Audrey and discovered a free entry that Allan used to run with Megan.

The race went really well.  Andrea hung around Grandpa and Grandma trying to get pictures and Adrian and I ran around trying to stay ahead of the runners.  We asked Mark to stay with Audrey, even though he can easily run faster, and they both got so far ahead that I only saw them once during the whole race.  I was able to stay ahead of Allan and Megan with shortcuts.

After running, the racers celebrated by throwing colored cornstarch at each other.

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