Thomasville to Boom Hole Pt 2

Killer treeThe afternoon trip went well for awhile.  The older kids teased that they had not flipped yet and they should take all the things that should stay dry. Unfortunately, as they rounded a bend, they discovered a downed tree they had not seen before, had no time to change course, and got caught in it. They all ended up in the water! Downed trees were then nicknamed “killer trees” for the rest of the trip.

OverturnedIt was 4:00 and the kids had been working hard all day.  They could not handle going any further.  We were so thankful that God provided a nice camp site very close to where the kids tipped over.  CampAs we unpacked, we discovered that Andrea’s sleeping bag and our tent was soaking. Two dinners, two breakfasts and the larger bag of biltong were wet even though it was all stored in plastic bags and dry bags.  We lost Andrea’s hat, two pair of sunglasses and a water bottle.  We were  bruised from the rocks and sore from all the paddling.

We soon discovered that our campsite only had room for one tent.  Seven of us slept in a four man tent.  It was a little crowded, but we all rested very well.  The best part of it all, was in the middle of the night, we all got up and the kids talked and giggled like they were at a slumber party until we told them they needed to go to sleep!Bathroom

Megan decided that she did not like the facilities at this camp site.  She refused to go to the bathroom unless someone carried her past the weeds that grew taller than her.

As “bad” as it all sounds, everyone was still excited about the trip.  They knew the next day would be lots better.Tent