Thomasville to Boom Hole

RiverAbout 45 minutes into our trip, we had our first mishap.  Our canoe flipped with Megan and Adrian in it.  Adrian can dog paddle and both wore PFDs, the water was shallow but rocky; however, it was not too bad.  The kids were not scared and both willing got back into the canoe ready to go again.  Unfortunately, the newer camera, “safe” in a plastic bag, got wet and refused to work anymore.

SnakeThen, we totally missed the first float camp. We were welcomed into the second one by a snake sunning on a rock near by.  It was swampy and we were not impressed with the area at all.  So we moved on.

Because of the kid’s lack of experience, we walked most of the rapids-the rapids on our trip were either classified as I or II’s-but we also paddled through a few of them. SnackOn one of them, the kids were behind us, waiting for their turn. Somehow, Allan got snagged on a tree and as I got out to help him get free, the canoe tipped and dumped us all again.  This one scared Megan. I caught her as she went over, but she started talking about turning around and going home.  Tipping over never bothered Adrian. I held Megan tight for a little while and she was fine once we got everything put back together and had a snack.

After relaxing for awhile, we were ready to go again.  We noticed something floating downstream-Allan’s hat! After putting it on, we were ready to start our afternoon.