Have you Ever…

…watched a butterfly emerge?

Audrey has been raising butterflies again this year and we were able to video tape a butterfly emerging.  This year she has raised 15 butterflies and has three more to go.

holdingAfter the butterflies emerge, she releases them in a field where they will find food and milkweed.  She hopes that they stay nearby. We have seen one or two Monarchs after releasing them.

She is hoping to raise more Monarchs this year, but it is already better than her worst year of only being able to find three all summer.  Her best year was raising around 100 butterflies! Audrey has not been able to find any eggs or caterpillars for the last few weeks, so we think it may be another slow year.

2 thoughts on “Have you Ever…”

  1. Audrey would love that. The neighbor cut down his field today! She is disappointed that her milkweed and thistle supply is gone. We will be looking for another supply soon.

  2. We have tons of milkweed in our yard. You should come up here and look 🙂

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