Soccer Weekend

Soccer2This weekend, Andrea’s soccer team participated in a fall tournament. Even with cold and rainy weather, they played very well.

The first game was good, though cold!  The girl’s had a shut out game of 5-0.  The second game was miserable; it was very cold, breezy and started to rain.  However, the girls pulled off another shut out game of 8-0.  They were excited!  They knew they had a chance at the playoffs.

The sun was very low when they started playing at 8:15 Sunday morning with the weather clear and around 38 degrees.  It was a tough game.  The referee seemed very fair even with some controversial calls. We won again, 2-0.

We thought the third game was hard, but it was easy compared to the championship game!  Our girls ran and fought for the ball the entire game.  The other team was sneakily “dirty”.  They fell often and we noticed them tripping or pushing our girls. Our girls aren’t perfect, but usually play fair.  The referee tried hard and he called many of the fouls. After a very exciting, loud game, we ended up losing 0-1.

The girls played so hard!  Most of them needed a break, did not have enough subs, but continued playing their best. They ended up in second place!  We learned later that the last two games they played were with Level 1 girls, and our team is Level 3. So they played a lot better than they realize!