Bragging on Joyce!

Today I have hijacked this blog to brag on my wonderful wife, girlfriend, lover, and mother of my five children, four of which she had just recently bragged on.  Since she will not do the bragging on herself, I will have to do it for her as she naps on the couch across from me.

Joyce has been very active in building a wonderful home for her husband (thats me) and her five beautiful children.  She also is very busy homeschooling her children.  When she is out shopping and doing other activities outside the home, she tries to encourage and bring joy to those she runs into.  Today she was caught encouraging the cashier and grocery bagger at her favourite grocery store, Martin’s Supermarket.

Over the past few years, Joyce has been really enjoying the hobby of photography.  She developed much of her skills using a point and shoot Canon and recently has moved to a mid-level Canon DSLR.  She has also learned a lot in the way of digital photo editing to provide further uniqueness to her photographs.  Using her photography she has been able to encourage and bring joy to others by sharing photographs and providing photo shoots.

This past week, the Elkhart County Parks Department had their annual photo contest and Joyce submitted several photographs shown below.  Out of three categories and 178 photo entries, she received first and second place in two of them (see The Elkhart Truth article for more details on the winners).


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2 thoughts on “Bragging on Joyce!”

  1. Thanks Allan. Praise of “your Joyce” is so beautiful and she is so deserving. Thank you for posting some of her great shots. It’s hard to choose my favorite, but I love the ones of Andrea and Megan.

  2. Whoot Whoot!! Shout out to my friend Joyce!! Thanks Allan for answering my natural question. Annnnd I agree, she is wonderful!! I especially liked the acorn photo:)

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