Bragging on Mark

Mark has been entering the Elkhart Park’s Photo Contest since 2009.Mark While he can spend hours photographing machine parts, such as this year’s Honorable Mention winner , “Whistles”, he enjoys photographing anything that catches his eye.  This year he also earned HM ribbons for his “Garter Snake” and “Boxed In” entries.

Chemistry is Mark’s favorite subject this year.  He is thankful for his daddy who can help him when it does not make much sense.  He enjoys the reading part of literature most of the time. When he finishes his book work for the week Mark likes to spend time programing with Arduino.  Right now he is working on an alarm clock.

Master McGuire prefers being outside, no matter the weather.  He is often found exploring the woods.  Mark also likes to work hard chopping wood,  shoveling snow, or spending time with “his” alpacas.  Most mornings, Mark is up before school so he can run three miles.

Mark would love to find a camera small enough that he can carry around to get unexpected shots but not feel like he has a camera attached to him. His favorite unplanned photograph was of a bald eagle he noticed flying after dropping his sisters off at a friends house.

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  1. Good work, Mark. The chain photo is fascinating. I also like the snake and turtle. Congratulations!

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