Mommy Camp 2015

MommyandmeMegan is my guest speaker today:

This year me and Mommy are in Mommy Camp. The other kids are at Jr High (Andrea), Juniors (Adrian), Jump Start (Audrey with her friend Casteel) and Sr. High (Mark) at Lake Ann Camp.

We play a lot. We work at clean up the whole entire house. We make dinner. Yesterday we painted and caught fishes. We played outside. Today we are going to play outside. We ate some candy.

Mommy helped me take this picture.  Mommy put it on the timer.  I got to focus it. I had to push the button in and then I run to Mommy. Then it took a picture.

Mommy Camp is FUN!

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  1. It sounds like you are having lots of fun at Mommy camp!! That is a fun picture.

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