The kids babysat the neighbor’s alpacas this last week.  Usually, they love the job and spend extra time over there enjoying “their” pets.

On Sunday, the kids went over and discovered Megan’s favorite alpaca caught between two fences.  They released her and quickly learned that Sing could not stand.  They tried calling the neighbors, but they were not available.  So they called the vet. The vet said to watch her and call back the next morning.

Reading before bed
Reading before bed

Megan mentioned to Audrey that she wanted to sleep in the barn with Sing and take care of her all night.  Then she told Andrea she wished Sing could come sleep in her bed.


Today, Mr. Beer took Sing to the vets just to double check how she was doing. She was very well behaved.  She needs to stay off her leg and get therapy to help it heal faster.  She can’t play out in the yard for awhile either.  But, she is fine and the kids are happy to help her during recovery.

And, even though Megan did not really get to sleep all night with Sing, she enjoyed the snuggle time and pretending that she did.

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