Sad Sack

“Sad Sack”

Meet one of the saddest looking dogs that I know. Even after a fun day playing in the sun, he has not learned to smile!

This is Thor, our newest adopted family member!

We had been discussing getting a pet for awhile. Megan kept asking sweetly for a puppy. We enjoy fish, but they don’t seem to do well for us. Cats are okay, as long as they are the neighbor’s extremely friendly barn cats.  The kids have adopted the neighbor’s alpacas too. But that is not the same as a pet friend who lives with us.

About three weeks ago, we heard about a dog who’s owner was moving to a smaller house and could not bring his 5 year old English mastiff with him. Allan decided to go visit the dog. He seemed like a nice dog, obedient and got to know Allan quickly.  Then I went to visit and thought he was BIG and SLOBBERY.Thor3

We talked about it.  We decided to take the kids without letting them know why we were looking.  Then Megan saw a video with big dogs.  She started talking more about how she wanted a dog. A big dog, like a horse!

The kids really liked Thor. It did not take long for him to warm up to Mark though Megan complained he was not big enough. I still thought he was BIG and SLOBBERY.

Thor and MeganWe prayed more for wisdom. Thor came to live with us five days after Allan first met him. And our house has changed.

Thor seems to be a great dog.  He rarely barks, and when he does, we pay attention.  After some one throws the kong for him to chase, Thor will happily come inside and rest by someone. He obeys everyone, except Megan. I don’t think he understands her language.

Mark and ThorThor is learning that he belongs.  He claimed Mark and, though stairs are hard for him, he chose to sleep downstairs in Mark’s room.  He sits on the porch watching the kids do school work or play.  When we had a storm, he came into our room–he is not allowed– and, just like one of my sick kids, wanted me to comfort him. Then he slept on the floor until the storm passed. He makes the rounds every night to be sure everyone is tucked in before he curls up by Mark’s bed.

I still think he is BIG and SLOBBERY.  But I like him.

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  1. We have not tried yet. But need to soon! He is doing well with the people he is slowly meeting.

  2. I wonder how he gets along with bossy little white dogs. :-/ He is a nice looking dog.

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