Upwards 2011
Megan helping coach 2011
Megan’s first game 2016

After years of being the team mascot and cheer leader, this morning was Megan’s first soccer game! I am her coach and Audrey the assistant coach.

I was not sure how well the team would do, they are easily distracted at practice and do not seem to know how to play. I was asked more than once today if they were allowed to steal the ball. However, they did an excellent job listening to me during the game on things they had not learned yet, love to run fast, and are not afraid of the ball. They played hard and won, 4:1.  Most importantly, every time I asked if they were having fun, they would yell, “yes!” Megan said, ” I like it! I am looking forward to next week!”

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IMG_7194Adrian played his first game of the season today also. They did a great job, winning 5:2. He has improved a lot over the last few years.  Adrian even made a goal today!

This afternoon, we went to Andrea’s game.  It was a rough game and they worked hard for the one point they made.  They ended up winning, 1:0.

P.S  Didn’t Allan do a great job with Megan’s photos?Andrea