Soccer Substitute

Megan is going to tell you about today’s game.

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I love playing soccer. Today I played on a different team because the other team did not have enough players, they only had three.  So I played for them so everyone could play the whole game.

I liked it. I tried two goals. They did not make it.  One was really, really, close. My last two, I got two goals.  After my first goal, Momma gave me a big hug.  I gave Momma a hug.  I had a really big smile. I hope that I play with that team again. It was fun and the coach was really really nice. We had a tie 3:3!

We were really proud of Megan’s goals, even if they were for the other team! Because the younger teams do not keep score, some coaches like “borrowing” a player.  The kids love that they get to play longer.

The referee mentioned that Megan does slow motion goals.  She kicks the ball and we watch the ball slowly roll into the goal.

P.S.  Andrea and Allan took all the pictures today.  Didn’t they do great?