Last Game

Andrea defending the goal. Even though both girls went down, Andrea was up first and got the ball away from the goal.

Andrea played her last game with Flames on Saturday.  She will try out for high school soccer in a few days!

She has played with the same set of the girls–with few changes–for the last few years.  Her team has improved a lot!  Instead of a bunch of individual players, they work as a team now. Andrea has improved in her ability also.  She is a much more confident player!

Her coach wrote a note expressing how hard the team worked this season. He told us that this year the U14 girls’ team won 18 times.  They had 10 shutouts in a row (which is 700 minutes of scoreless soccer 🙂 ).  They lost two times and tied twice.  The team scored 44 goals, but only had 5 goals get past them.

As we watched Andrea improve, we also had the privilege to see a diverse group of girls from different schools and backgrounds grow also as a team. I am praying that Andrea’s new team will provide her with some strong friends that encourage and push each other to become better soccer players and young ladies.