Candy Cane Seeds

img_8556-candycanes_phatchFor Christmas this year, the family was surprised with an envelope from Santa on Christmas day.  In the envelope was a candy cane seed kit!

It was a pretty neat kit.  There were six seeds, but only five came up.  There was also white and red fertilizer and soil. The seed packet said that the seeds were very rare and only grew in perfect conditions, so I am glad that Santa shared some with us this year.

We supplied our own bowl and used the bag the soil came in to cover the seeds like the directions said.  If we receive candy cane seeds again, we would use a deeper bowl since the full grown candy cane plants all fell over so we do not know how tall they would have grown if they had the chance. We were hoping the canes would flower and grow new seeds, but once they fell over, we were afraid they would not be so nice.

The kids thought the candy canes were really good. They decided that candy cane seeds must be related to bamboo since they grew so quickly. Megan said North Pole candy canes tasted more pepperminty and they thought they had a cleaner, fresher taste.

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  1. The BEST gift for Christmas! Love it-save me one if you ever get them again!

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