Butterfly Presentation

This weekend, Audrey did two presentations at Wellfield Botanical Gardens for their 2017 Education Symposium.  She was the youngest one there but did excellent presentations.

Her first talk was over lunch (always a difficult time) on the basics on raising Monarchs.  She explained how she became interested and how to easily, and simply, raise them at home.

Then she spoke on helping to keep the Monarch population healthy.  She discussed some of the diseases and parasites that are common with Monarchs. Audrey shared ways to help the population to grow and encouraged the planting of butterfly gardens.

This is only the first of her scheduled programs for this year.  She is also scheduled to help at a school and a library for some programs.  One of the ladies present had heard her before and mentioned that she will recommend Audrey for another program.

After the presentations, Allan picked up the rest of the children and we enjoyed roaming the gardens.  It was a relaxing way to spend a few hours!