Soccer Weekend

Andrea played in two soccer games this weekend.  They played the same team both times (home and away) and they played hard. Her team did not win, but Andrea had a lot of fun!

This year, Andrea is on a new team.  She plays with Elkhart United. The youngest players are 14 and the oldest ones are 18.  I am not sure how she got in such a mixed group, but she likes all the girls and said they are very friendly.  Because of the age range, her team can only play U18 or higher teams.  It is a challenge; playing teams that are older, but one that Andrea enjoys.

Already this year we have seen improvement on Andrea’s skills.  Her coach is training her on a second position which is encouraging.  She still struggles a little playing mid field. She said that her job as mid field is trying to always be behind the ball.  It is a lot of running and turning quickly. She does better each time she plays.

Next weekend is another busy weekend with two away games.