“Mommy Camp” Day One

Megan wanted to tell you about the first day of “Mommy Camp”.

I am not very sure what time I got up.  I was very tired and it was still dark out! After I watched the kids leave and then Mark leave for work, I went back to bed.

In the morning, I woke up early again, earlier than I normally do. I got changed. I played outside a little bit. I did a little work and we took a walk.  We were looking for bunnies. We saw two baby bunnies!

After lunch and nap, we painted our sign. Then we took care of the butterflies.  We moved them into a different cage and made sure they were all fed.  The rest of the day we played on the tire swing until Mark got home.

We had a cinnamon roll picnic.  Then Mark and I played until it was time for work.  I helped at work, picked some veggies and then got to play on the “scissors”. Then I got to play with the chickens.

Then it was time for dinner.  Daddy brought home some pasties and we had ice cream.  Before bed we had our devotions and then Mark read to me.

I was very tired and do not know how long it took to fall asleep.


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