Heading to Camp

The kids were up early this morning, all excited to head to camp!  This year, both girls will have a friend join them. Audrey has her friend Casteel, and Andrea gets to enjoy Evie.  Maybe next year we can find a friend for Adrian.

Please pray for camp this week.  Please pray that the kids are encouragements to their counselors and other campers they interact with.  Please also pray that each one will hear and understand something new that will help them grow in Christ.

This is the first year that Mark has not gone to camp in a long time.  After thinking and praying about it, he decided to stay home and work.  I think that he is looking forward to the chance of going to “Mommy Camp” with Megan though! Megan said she plans for them to go out on dinner and ice cream dates.

One thought on “Heading to Camp”

  1. Joyce,
    This makes my heart very happy! Thank you for sharing. I am praying for all of these things!! Cardin hit that spot that he did not return to camp-but I think Reece will go the whole way through–mostly because he shares the experience with his cousin.
    I am so thankful Casteel gets to share this experience with Audrey and your family again this year. She was excited and thankful too.
    Love you!!

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