Seward Johnson Statues Part Two

Summer Thinking

We decided to take a mini vacation today.  We took many of the coupons the kids earned for the Goshen library summer reading program and enjoyed free lunches.  The kids earned free cones at Culvers, pretzels at Jojo’s and soft drinks from the Electric Brew.  Megan earned two “Pucker Powder” tubes from the Nut Shoppe and the girls bought some lotions with gift certificates from Maple City Market.

Between all of that, we enjoyed looking for all the Seward Johnson statues that we could find. It was neat listening to everyone come up with ideas on what they should do for each story. While most were easy, there were a few very challenging ones.  Everyone had fun and we look forward to the next time searching for statues.

One thought on “Seward Johnson Statues Part Two”

  1. Great poses/shots, especially Megan dancing to the two guitarists.
    Very creative.

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