2006 and a Story about a Duck

One day, we went to the mall to visit Grandpa at work.  Grandma saw some cute stuffed animals on a very good sale and offered to buy one for each of the kids as an early Christmas gift.  Each of the kids picked out a special one, but Audrey did not want a big stuffed animal.  She wanted the duck.  So she was treated to the duck.

We roamed and we got lunch.  We enjoyed being with my parents.  Then we discovered Audrey lost her duck.  We could not find it anywhere.  Audrey was upset and clearly wanted her duck.  We prayed about it.  That God would let us find my little girl’s special duck that she had fallen in love with.  We looked and looked.  Finally we told Audrey that we thought her duck was really lost.  But we kept praying. 

Grandpa said he would go down and look one more time.  He returned with Audrey’s duck.  The pretzel kiosk in the middle of the mall saw Audrey drop her duck and knew it belonged to the “lady with all the kids”.  They had put the duck in the window so we would be sure to find it. Since we were looking on the floor, we never noticed it sitting in the window and they never saw us going by.

This was the first time that Audrey had a prayer obviously answered.  And she still owns the duck.


One thought on “2006 and a Story about a Duck”

  1. What a good memory and reminder that God does answer prayer! He loves us and is interested and knows the smallest details in our hearts and lives. Even lost little toy duckies.
    Such cute photos. Because the subjects are cute and sweet.

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