Spring Flowers

Flower2BeeToday Audrey, Adrian and I went on flower hunts. We roamed the back yard looking for different spring flowers and took pictures of them. Adrian picked a bouquet for me.  We were going to pull a flower apart and look at all the different parts, but we had so much fun hunting for the flowers, we never did dissect any. Maybe tomorrow.

Flower3I took these pictures with my “old” camera, a digital camera Allan bought when Adrian was a baby. It is falling apart and eats batteries very quickly. But it still takes wonderful pictures.  I don’t have a macro lens for my new camera, but until the old one stops working, I do not need a new one.FlowerPrimroseFlower Purple

Snake Knot

Snake KnotToday while we were roaming the park, I noticed something strange in the bushes. It looked like someone has wrapped some belts around branches.  I thought I knew what it was, so I went and looked.  There were at least four Garter Snakes all snuggled together in the bush.

Since the kids were getting ready to start a science class we called their teacher over to look. She said that they probably climbed to get up off the wet ground.  I mentioned that one of my “urban myths” has been destroyed. I always have told the kids that snakes around here do not climb, well, here is proof that they do!  She also said that they may be a family or just friends who all shared a warm spot.

MeganIt has been cold and rainy, so I have been using my “free” time to read up on how to improve my photos. I am amazed how little needs to be done to correct many problems.

Megan Easter 2013

The color pictures is nice,  but the sepia fits Megan’s mood much better.



Jonah sucking thumbEarly Wednesday, Phil called saying that Michelle had their baby!  The baby’s name is Jonah Obadiah.  He weighed in at a healthy 8 pounds and 14 oz and measured 21.5 inches long.

Yesterday we went over to meet Jonah. I had offered to take some newborn pictures for Michelle, and I had a little time to do that.  I did not take a lot, but am happy with most of them.  He never fell into a deep sleep, so most of the pictures were taken while someone held him.  The kids loved that!

Megan was disappointed she did not have a blog and wanted to share too.  She said “ike Joe NA.  Nice Joe NA.  Keep Joe NA!”

P.S.  My “cousin” picture is now outdated :)  Guess I will have to try again soon.



On Easter, I tried taking a current picture of all the cousins.  It is difficult to get eight children all to look nice at the same time 🙂

I tried again on Monday.  Monday’s is better, but I cheated.  I used a composite of all the pictures that I had and edited them.  I need more practice on composites, but I am happy with my first try.