Today’s Smile–Learning to Lasso

It’s raining, its pouring,
kids want to play outside,
Mark threw his rope and caught his mom,
and threatened never to release her.

Mark has wanted a lasso for a awhile.  He finally got one for his birthday.  He has been practicing but rarely “catches” anything moving.

You can imagine both of our surprise when he caught me on the first try 🙂

Tigger and His Twin Come to Visit

Most family know that Adrian loves Tigger as much as Mark did. When Megan was a month old, Mom and Daddy found her Tigger outfit at a resale shop.  About a month ago, Adrian was surprised with his almost matching costume from Uncle Sam and Aunt Lilly.  Adrian loved being twins!

We went to Uncle Josh and Auntie Angie’s tonight. They invited us over to go Trick or Treating and then enjoy chili and apple cider at their house. It was a beautiful night to be out.

Our biggest surprise was when the fire truck pulled up next to us, braked and started flashing its light and sounding its siren.  The kids jumped high! Some firemen came out with HUGE bowls of candy and shared a handful with each child. What a fun way to end our night out.



Home again!

We have just returned from a two week trip to a very small rural community in Colorado.  During that time, the children were often cautioned to watch for snakes, reminded to wear their shoes, and missed the trees in our yard.  As soon as we got home, shoes and socks were removed and they ran around the backyard yelling happily.

Our trip went really well.  Everyone learned a lot and had a bunch of fun. As I have the time, I will write more about it.