Sledding with Daddy

We woke up to some beautiful snow today!  We asked Allan if he wanted to come sledding with us for “an hour”.  He had a blast!

He went down the hill with each of the kids. He even took Megan down the “big” hill twice. She did not seem to enjoy it too much, but did not cry when getting on the sled to go again.

The snow was perfect for sledding. It packed down easily, but still flew up to coat the kids.  They laughed and screamed and had a lot of fun.

After sledding, Daddy treated us all out for lattes and donuts!

We then went to the health food store and the kids got free bananas because they joined the “kids club”. After that we went to visit the newest McGuire and his parents.

I am so glad that Allan had “an hour” to go sledding with us 🙂


New Year Blessing

On New Years Day, we finally met my newest nephew! Henri is an adorable little boy.  He has a wild crop of black hair. We have not seen his open eyes yet, but were told that they are dark.

The kids are loving on him and so glad for another cousin.  Mark says, “the boys outnumber the girls again!”

Sam and Angelique, we are so excited for you!


My side of the family enjoyed celebrating Christmas last night. We rarely all get together, so we made sure to get a family picture.

My brother, Joe, is sitting next to Momma. Daddy is holding Adrian and Megan.  My sister Lauri’s family is on the right.

Sleeping Beauty

We woke up to some snow!  I decided to take the kids to the park to go sledding before it got too busy.  We were there for awhile before others came with the same idea. When some “big kids” came, we left.  We took a walk in the woods and the kids made a snowman.  By the time we got to the car, Megan was cold and wet from falling a few times.

We got home, stripped off her wet clothes, bundled her up by the fireplace and she fell asleep wrapped up in Daddy’s warm shirt.


We worked on finishing the caramels yesterday. Since we have never tried these candies, we made half of two different recipes. They made a lot! Everyone helped to wrap them until we got tired of that. When we had company come last evening, I asked (made) them help finish wrapping the candy.

We are very pleased with how the candy turned out. We learn how to make a new candy almost every Christmas and now have a good selection of “favorites”.

A Christmas Tree First!

We almost always cut down our own tree. For awhile we had a very realistic fake one, which is probably being enjoyed in Swaziland again this year.

We went “shopping” for our tree late this year. The timing was bad, or it rained the days we could go. We went on Saturday and thought the chance of getting a good tree would be slim.  We told the kids to watch out the window and to shout out if they saw something they liked.

Mark shouted out almost right away. I took the kids while Allan stayed in the car with sleeping Megan. We all liked the tree immediately.  Andrea told Daddy we found a tree while the rest of us roamed around just to make sure. This is the first tree we have all agreed on and had cut down in less time than it took them to shake the needles out and bind it up for us!