Secrets to Better Photography Class

I often ask the library to order photography books for me through the interlibrary loan program.  The last time I ordered some books, the librarian asked if I knew that I could take online classes for free through the library.  So I signed up for my first photography class.

There were lessons to do and homework assignments twice a week.  Even though the class was basic photography, I still learned a lot. Each lesson we posted a photograph of what we learned and the instructor commented on it.  We could also ask questions and I asked a few 🙂 .

Here are the assignments I turned in.   What we were studying is underneath along with the title of the picture.

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Prediction Run

StartAudreyToday I went to watch the kids run a Prediction Run.  It was fun watching them try their best on a 5K course. Mark came in 15 seconds slower than he thought, and Audrey came in 2 seconds slower than her prediction.

I had fun pretending to be a reporter and attempting to get pictures of their great race. I do not think I will ever get a job as a news photographer, it was much more fun talking to another mom who was encouraging her Runningchildren, 9 and 5, who were running the 3K.  The oldest paid the younger $5 to run with him today and they both ran with huge smiles.  They both made it to the finish line in just over 30 minutes.